The following prizes are available to students currently enrolled in a university degree, who are attending and presenting at the AABHL conference.

Students are required to submit a full essay not exceeding 5000 words to be considered for the prizes

John McPhee (Law) Prize

Paper Eligibility: Health law and ethics: a topic related to health, law and ethics

Max Charlesworth (Bioethics) Prize

Paper Eligibility: Bioethics: ethical issues arising in relation to medicine, the health sciences or health care in general from any of the disciplines that offer a perspective on such issues, including philosophy, bioethics, law, social theory, sociology, anthropology, psychology, feminism, linguistics, cultural studies, history, literary theory and literature

Not exceed 5000 words.  References not included in word count.

Submission or conformity requirements on the paper or essay
Essay should conform to the requirements for submission to the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry and submitted as a word document through the Student Essay Portal on this page by 9th May 2018.

Date of submission
Friday 9th May 2018 (by COB).

Selection panel
Two persons nominated by the AABHL committee and two members of the editorial board of the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry

Criteria for assessment
Criteria for assessment for both the John McPhee and the Max Charlesworth Prize include;

  • Evidence of academic scholarship
  • Familiarity with the chosen area
  • Rigour in presentation
  • Originality

The winner[s] will be invited to present their paper at this year’s conference. Complimentary registration fees at the conference will be provided; assistance to travel to the conference may also be provided but this will be considered on a year-to-year basis. The prize will also provide one year’s subscription to AABHL membership. The winner[s] are strongly encouraged to submit their essays to the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry for consideration for publication through the online manuscript submission system at They will be reviewed via the journal’s standard review process.

Mention should be made in the covering letter that the paper has been awarded the John McPhee or Max Charlesworth award, which ever applies.